National Vegetarian Week

May 15, 2023

Did you know its National Vegetarian Week?

Becoming vegetarian can seem quite scary; whether you’re doing it for health benefits, because you’re conscious about the environment, or whether you just don’t believe in eating meat, it can be quite daunting.

But it’s actually fairly easy.  There are so many good quality replacements out there now that you can barely taste the difference. There are also so many benefits to becoming vegetarian, or even just cutting down the amount of meat that you eat.

Environmental Sustainability –

By reducing the amount of meat you eat, you’re actually helping the planet. A meat-based diet increases your carbon emissions 2.5 time more than a plant-based diet. As well as this, a plant-based diet requires fewer resources. Cattle take up more agricultural land than any other animal and crops combined, and a single chicken breast requires over 500 litres of water!

Health –

One of the biggest benefits of adopting a vegetarian diet is the health benefit. Becoming a vegetarian often means that you have to find substitutes for your usual snacks which often encourages people to reach for fruit or nuts rather than the unhealthier choices.

There is also a study that suggests that adopting a vegetarian diet reduces your chances of being hospitalised or dying of heart disease.

Financial –

Becoming a vegetarian also has financial benefits. Plant-based foods such as grains and seasonal vegetables are often more affordable than meat products. By reducing or eliminating the cost of meat from your shopping bill you can put that money towards higher quality organic food, support local farmers or invest in other areas of your life.

Overall, becoming a vegetarian has many benefits, so why not try it out for a week and see what you think?

By Amy Williamson, Eat Smart Sheffield