Wybourn Primary School

Jun 14, 2023

Wybourn Primary School were another one of our lucky schools to be awarded an Eat Smart Sheffield Small Grant. The school applied for the grant with the intention of using the money to fund an after-school cooking club. The club would allow children to learn how to make healthy, affordable food with the aim of hosting a session where their parents could attend and the children could show off their newfound skills at the end of term.

Through these sessions, the participating children from Years 5 and 6, were taught a variety of key skills such as how to budget and shop for ingredients, and how to prepare meals.  They followed recipes and learnt how to use equipment safely in the kitchen, with the guidance of Teaching Assistant Angie, who has attended many training sessions run by Eat Smart Sheffield and also has previous experience teaching cooking in a school environment.

Each week the children cook different meals to take home to eat or share. This after school club allows the children to learn invaluable skills and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

And the children have been loving it!  Here are some of the things they’ve said so far:

‘I like it because I make the same things at home with my mum as well.’

‘It’s good because I can learn new recipes then I tell others so they can make them too.’

‘I like it because it’s teaching me to cook but also IT’S FUN!’

And the amazing Angie is bowled over by the enthusiasm of the children as well as the skills they use:

‘It makes me smile every week. Especially when children try, and love, what they say they don’t like.’

As well as putting her training into practice, Angie has also taken inspiration from YouTube videos and cookbooks.

The sessions are continuing and are set to become bigger and better with children from other years invited along to join too.


By Amy Williamson, Eat Smart Sheffield