Small Grants

All schools in Sheffield have the opportunity to apply for funding via our Small Grant Scheme. Grants need to be used to support school food-related activities which can be anything from buying gardening equipment for the school allotment, ingredients for the cooking club, a new water fountain to support a water-only policy, an extra waste bin in the dining room to help shorten queue times, or a fridge to help set up a Community Fridge initiative… the possibilities are endless!

Schools have to submit an application form outlining in detail how much money they would like and what they would use it for. They also have to show how the grant would be used to make long-term, sustainable changes and what the positive impact and benefits would be to their pupils, families and/or wider communities.

More information

Please read the documents below before applying.

Good luck!

Related Documents

PDF icon Small Grant Terms & Conditions
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Bradway School Garden

Parents and children working at Bradway Primary School Garden, supported by one of our small grants.